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You’re So Dark || Arctic Monkeys

"I know you’re nothing like mine cause she’s walking on sunshine, and your love would tear us apart. And I know I’m not your type, cause I don’t shun the daylight. But baby I’m willing to start."

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The Patio Tuscany Art Greeting Card by Dotty Reiman by printsandpaint (4.50 USD) http://ift.tt/1rE9xKg
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I really want someone. Someone who I can be myself around, completely silly or completely serious. A person who will laugh along at my stupidest jokes or hold me when I’m sad. A person to go out and walk around the city with, going wherever we please, or just stay at home with and watch movies all night. We’ll eat whatever we want and sleep whenever we want. Just be there for each other. Just someone to love.

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He gave me a kiss, awww. 
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